nestor garcia designer

Dream, design and made it, that os what I love to do, and of course, share it.

An idea here could inspire to someone in the other side of the world, and viceversa, isn’t this exciting?

So, that the main purpose of this blog, is to share my ideas and thoughts. Any feedback is always welcome, and I am always keen to cooperate with people.

Here you can read about:

Below of you can see an index about all the contents:

My Designs

nestor garciaeasy eboard n3dstor 1 bn nestor garcia simply eboard n3dstor bn nestor garcia kers longboard n3dstor bn
nestor garcia mini arcade n3dstor 1 bn nestor garcia Electric Skate modulable n3dstor l bn nestor garcia e-leaf electric movility conecept n3dstor nestor garcia bn
nestor garcia stairway ladder n3dstor bn nestor garcia go kart n3dstor bn nestor garcia spoon fork n3dstor bn
nestor garcia dog caravan n3dstor 1 bn 2017-01-03-08_26_29-catia-v5-twister-arcade-asembled-catproduct bn nestor garcia card gun n3dstor bn

Making Stuff

m3 m1 m2

About me



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