The Spoon and Fork

This is my Spoon-Fork, one simple and more o less common design, but it’s just enought for start my website. For all this times that you should go away with meal, and you don’t want to go with so much cutlery, this spoon-fork it’s the perfect item for eat something like noodles or others pasta soup. We can do it of classic stainless steel or with other materials, like wood and plastic.

Sin títulowood plas

We always have to think in the manufacturing process. In the three materials are absolutely different. If we do the spoon-fork of stainless steel almost sure, we are going to pressing plate. The result of this process and material, we obtain a very good quality item, but with high cost. If we do it with plastic, we will obtain the item with plastic injection. It’s supposed obtain a one use item, with really cheap cost. Finally, if we make the spoon with wood, we will do it with semi manual process. It will be a good spoon, with a medium medium-high fabrication costs. You must choose depending of the market that you will sell it. Two images of design process: cut surface surface   Thanks to everybody¡¡¡¡¡

Designed in SolidWorks


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