The card shooter gun

Hi to everybody¡

It’s my new design¡

Card gun shooter general high view

It’s just a gun that shoot cards.

I was inspired in a cartoon serie, that the main character was able to shoot kaito kurobacard with a gun.

I searched one gun like this in internet, but I didn’t found any, then I decided do my own design and invent a gun which can shoot cards.

Card gun shooter general sub view


It’s the design for this gun, almost normal gun in her handle, but really special in the top part.
Use this gun is really simple.


-First: You have to charge the ammo in the charger, this means, put a deck of card in the top charger.

-Second: You must charge

the gun moving back the charger trigger.

-Third: Push the trigger and the gun will shoot the card.

 Card gun shooter general soothingCard gun shooter  front


The mechanism:

The mechanism

The best way to see how this easy mechanism work is a video, one video is more valuable than one hundred words.

Here you can see a render from the all mechanism: Cardgun side mchanism

The mechanism is designed has simply as I can, t have two position:

First: The gun is load, the gear is being attracted by a dock but one small piece is holding the gear which makes the wheel turn.

Cardgun on

Second: Push the trigger, the spring is compressed and the small piece is turning, it’s unblocking the linear gear. now the gear can advance until a physical lock. The linear gear moves the wheel gear that is join with another wheel. The wheel turn and shoot the card.

Cardgun off

Another picture about the mechanism:

only mechanismonly mechanism2

The mechanism is in fact really simply, maybe the chassis is the most complex part of the gun.


Technical characteristics:

Weight= 162.65 gram

The chassis and almos all parts are made from plastic ABS. Only the dock and spring are made with metal.

26-04-2015 15-19-12 26-04-2015 15-20-13

It’s just a toy, but it will be really fun!

That’s all friends, I’ll see you in next design.

Designed in SolidWorks




  1. I was wondering if this could be adapted to shoot larger cards. We have a situation at work that could use a device like this. It is to keep a persons hand away from a nip point. This person on occasion has to insert a card type material into a roll of paper to keep it from telescoping.


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