Stairway or ladder?

Hi to everybody,
Today I’ll show my new design. This design is the mix between a normal stairway and a ladder, in fact, as you can see, is a folding stairway.

When it is unfold it can look like a normal stairway. It’s big enought, and you can use it pretty confortable.

But when the stairway is folded, it’s almost invisible, andit takes up less than a normal ladder.


You have the advantages of one stairway when you must go up and go down, and you have the advantages of a ladder, when it’s folded, it takes up very small space, no more than a big picture hanged in a wall.


You’ll see in the next pictures, the stairways when is folded. It only takes up less than 50mm in deep. It is completly plain, the treads are totally aligned and vertical.02-07-2015 23-33-40

Now begin to unfold the stairway, the treads begin to rotate to his position.


Finally the stairway is completly open, and all the treads are horizontal, paralell with the floor.


All the treads are the same piece, but is not joined by the same way.
The treads are joined rotated one from others.

This step design is for one clear reason, it’s for have more tread footstep and, although the strairway are very sloped, you have more than enought space for go up.

12 02-07-2015 23-37-33 02-07-2015 23-36-59 02-07-2015 23-35-47

The sides of the strairway has crevices and slotted for do possible the movement of the stairway.


Little space.
High slop. (35º)
Big step space.

Disaventajes :
No railing.
Not as solid as a fixed stairway.

Designed in SolidWorks


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