From 3d to Reallity. 2 Projects that became true. Arcade restored to a Arcade convertible & Dog Caravan

Hi guys¡ I’m here again.

Today I want to show you this 2 proyects. Both proyects aren’t great 3d designs, aren’t really impresive or with some smart mechanism but I have fabricated both of them, and both have some interesting aspects. Let’s go to see it¡

Arcade restored to a Arcade convertible

First I’want to show you this mix between a Arcade restoration (this is more like making stuff) and transformation in a convertible Arcade (this is the design part)

What is “Convertible”¿?¿?

This is the value that I add to the arcade.
I mean, the arcade cabinet is big, really big and it’s normally cool, but, what happen if you want move your Arcade Classic station to you holidays house, or your freind’s party, or for any reason, sudenly you have less space in your house? Ok, in mi design you can extract a central module. This module have all the necesary for take away your video game plataform. You only going to leave in the cabinet the joypad and the speakers (obviously).

As always one picture say everything, let’s go to see¡

You only need 3 things for enjoy playing in any place,
1º Electric power
2ª Bluethoot joypad
3º Speakers o earphones

I really think that is a interesting idea, this is really simple, I know. But it’s a good upgrade for make a big machine a “portable” console . You can see more in making stuff section.
I really hope that you liked the idea¡

Dog Caravan

Secondly, this originaly Dog Caravan.

It’s less inovating than the Arcade machine, but It’s good to see how 3d design help us to construct simple things to.

In fact it is a simple Dog House with Caravan form, but I love the fact of know the exactly cuantity of material that I have to use, the aproximately weight and other aspects that without a good design is really dificult to know.

If you want, you can see a video in Making stuff.

See you soon, and remeber, I love feedback¡

Desingned with Catia and SolidEdge.




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