E-Skate modulable with battery selector

Hi again¡

Today I’m bringing my best project at the moment, my modulable electric skateboard.

Nowadays there tons and tons of electric longboards online, and tons and tons of  DIY projects of electric skateboard, so why this one should be interesting? So just because as all my projects, something original that you haven’t seen before and new is in there… and what is this? let me explain it:

1- It is modulable¡ what it means? It means that there are two specific and important parts that you can move and use in another electric skate. In my skate, only the gears and the motor are always joined to the skate.

On the first removable part, we have the part of the ESC, voltmeters, selector, switches, etc and on the other removable part, two batteries.

So, with a simple movement, you can remove these parts easily and use them in other skate with an electrical motor mounted.

2- Battery selector. Single or serial.  The electrical parts have 2 selectors with two positions. Depending on that how it is switched you can obtain:

Pos1-Pos1: Power OFF             // Pos1-Pos2: Works only the right battery

Ps2-Ps2: Only the left battery // Ps2-Ps1: Serial mode, two batteries working together.

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Why is this important and interesting?

1-Because the batteries and electronic parts are the most expensive and complicated parts, and in this way, you can have different skates with a motor mounted, for example, one longboard for large journeys and a cruise board for go around the city. And you don’t have to buy batteries and do all the electrical stuff for both, you can swap it easily depending that the use that you need or the kind of journey.

2– The battery selector allows you to chose more autonomy or more power, it is super interesting because you can choose in one click more speed or more kilometers.

Let me explain these features better, but before, is important to say that box parts, the connector, and the light holder, all of them are pieces designed to be printed in a standard 3D printer,


Now, I would like to begin explaining the electrical part, maybe the most important part.

A simple and normal schematic for an electric longboard is the next,

For a single battery:


For two batteries in a serial connection:

esquemaS2 - copia.jpg

But the important feature here is the next:

Two selectors with two-position and this allows you use the batteries individually or together, so you can use one each time and have more life battery, so more kilometer to run, o use it together and have all the power possible.

Added to this, there are other features that are important as well, as the lighting circuit. Another important thing is that you can charge the batteries without removing them. All the charging ports have a bridge to charge it in an easy way and without the necessity of removing it each time.

So the schematic is the next one:


Yes, I know, it´s quite complicated, but it´s worth the time to understand and believe me, it really works.

I attach another drawn with the 4 switch possible positions


The possibility of extract easily the batteries and all the electronic parts in a few seconds due to the slots in the boxes. The boxes remain together that an elastic rubber that doesn’t allow separate the two parts, but once you have remove the rubber band you are able to extract these parts and move it tho other skate with a motor mounted in.


That all folks¡ As you know any question will be welcome¡

and some more pictures for you guys¡

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