Simply Electric Longboard DIY

Hi again,

After my last post, I thought that maybe the last designed longboard is a little bit difficult to make, you need a printer 3D and the electrical stuff is not really easy to carry out.


So, I have designed a new one, this one is born of the next two main concepts so, let me explain:

  • Quite simple to carry out. You only have to buy the trucks with the motor hub, the ESC and the cells. Sure, you must also buy th1.jpge wood, wires and a couple of connectors, but this is minor stuff.  But, basically, you only need these 3 main things and make a roper chassis ( detailed below in this post). You don’t have to do a complicated connection, or big electric diagrams, is almost as simple as put batteries into your TV control remote.


  • Normal” longboard design. Small and slim. All the eLongboards have the batteries in the bottom, in a box or something similar, the same with the ESC. This 12design has the cells of the batteries and the ESC inside the chassis,  and the motors, are inside the wheels (motor wheel HUB) It also has the minimum, buttons, and electrical stuff outside. All this makes a cute design, this made that this e-long, looks like a “normal” longboard. No box in the bottom, no motor outside, and almost no wires or connectors.

So let’s go deeper in this design, first at all let me show you the general explode of the longboard so as to provide a general idea of the concept.


The second one step is the electric diagram, it is so easy as connect the 6 cells in serial mode, and one wire from each cell to the JST connector for the balance charging and voltmeter. I didn’t draw the on/off bottom because it is included in the ESC

The electrical diagram has no secret.


This diagram is for a double motor hub, but you can connect just one motor, it won’t make any difference.


The mechanical part is mainly 3 pieces, as you saw in the exploded view .

You can download the drawing’s PDF clicking in the names.

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PDF’s links, over the slideshow


  • 1 Piece of oak wood 1000x250x15 (Chassis Board)
  • 2 Piece of wood 1000x250x5 (Top and Bottom)
  • 8 Screws and nuts for fix the trucks with the wood  M5X30 DIN933
  • 1 Motor truck + 1 normal truck ALL HAVE TO HAVE THE SAME WHEELS SIZE
  • 1 ESC (It have to support  the power that the motor-hub wheels)
  • 6 LIPO cells ( more than 4000mAh recommended)
  • 4-5mm Wires for join the cells
  • 2mm wires for the balance charging JST connector and voltmeter.
  • 1000*250mm Adhesive grip for the top part of the long-board
  • 1x Lipo voltmeter
  • 2x XT60 and 2x JST 7pin connectors

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    Some examples.


So at this point, you have enough to make and assembly your eBoard.

You have the exploded view and the drawing of the assembly in PDF to know how to assemble it.

You have the electrical diagram to do all the connections,

You have the inventory and the required materials.

So, let´s works¡

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