E-Leaf (Electric mobility concept)


The electric mobility is something amazing, and we can certainly say that electric vehicles are the future, and the future that is already here.

Then, we can see a huge variety of vehicles in the market, beginning with the small overboard or longboards, to some biggers as electric bikes or scooters.

But in any are really comfortable. in any of them, you can sit comfortably, in almost all of they you have to ride stand up or “keep the balance”

So I created this concept, which is more similar than a go-Kart to a car, but it is foldable, so it makes it easy to save and storage, being in this way more similar to a bike.

Summarizing, the ideas that this concept has to reach:

-To Be comfortable. Travel seated with backrest and footrest.

-Fast. Not crazy fast, but about 50Km/h  enough for a ride through the road.

-Foldable. You must not need a parking or special space. You must be able to save it in a  flat or carry in in a normal elevator as a bike or even smaller.

-Large range.  The battery has to last 10 kilometers

-Funny and beautiful.  A good design has to be functional, but also fun, and also beautiful, otherwise, the product never will have success.

How all these points are accomplished in the design:

-To Be comfortable. Travel seated with backrest and footrest.

-Fast. The big wheels allow a powerful hub motor of 1000W minimum in each one.  So 2000w will make you drive fast enough.  Also, the big diameter will make you able to go through any obstacle.

-Foldable. As you can see you can fold as reduce considerably the size of this vehicle.

-Large range.  The space between the big driver wheels and the small front wheels provides space to add enough LiPo batteries to get a large range.

-Funny and beautiful.  The sides are inspired in a “leaves ” cause the main concept must be a vehicle respectful of the environment. The result is really nice, is a complex surface with different angles and curves that with a metallic painting provide different colors.

Design Facts

  • The wheels don’t turn “right or left” the way to turn the vehicle is providing more power to one of the wheels, or just make it spin in the opposite direction.
  • The controllers are on the sides, in the side spaces, in this way you can control the vehicle and keep your hand warm and safe.
  • All the design is inspired in leaves and natural or organic shapes.
  • The original idea was to create a “wheelchair” with motors, but avoiding the negative connotations, and making it more beautiful and fast.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this concept, and hopefully be the inspiration to more beautiful and creative things.


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