Lighting an e-Board

I finished my last e-Board in summer, there was good weather, and daylight all day long, today is 03 of December, some things have changed, especially the daylight.
To no get run over for a car on re city streets, I decided to add some lights to my eboard.
Electronic first:
In my case, I used a 12V LED, the ones that are used in car lighting. 2 of the in the front and one red strip in the back.
My e-Board has a 10 cells battery, so 42v, to get 12v I used a DC\DC converter, but be careful, the most DC\DC converters work under 40V so you will need resistance to decrease 2v, and the resistance will likely need to be up to 1w power.

Second one. The supports,
I designed a couple of supports for the front lamp, instead of a single one, in my opinion, it proves a “sports car” look. As you can see, I also made a design inspired on the shape of the longboard
The LED stripe is glued to the back parts and held with two caps on the extremes.
That is not a hard project, it’s not a special one, but the result was so amazing that the post was required, and it can also be inspiring if you are thinking in add some light to your electric vehicle!
Any question, please, let me know! thanks a lot!

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