About Me

Dream, design and made it, that is what I love to do, and of course, share it.
An idea here could inspire someone on the other side of the world, and vice-versa, isn’t this exciting?
So, that the main purpose of this blog, is to share my ideas and thoughts. Any feedback is always welcome, and I am always keen to cooperate with people.

About Me: I’m Nestor Garcia, a Catalan designer, I have more than ten years of experience as a draftsman and designer, in my free time, I love to learn 3D programs, do my designs and carry out my projects.
For this reason, I’ll be happy to receive any comments or questions on my email n3dstor@gmail.com
Any comments will be welcome.

Thanks to everybody

1 Portada1B Index2 - Carta mas CV3 - Work Experience 24 - Work Experience 1


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