Simply Electric Longboard DIY

Hi again,

After my last post, I thought that maybe the last designed longboard is a little bit difficult to make, you need a printer 3D and the electrical stuff, is not really easy to carry out.


So, I have designed a new one, this one has born of the next two main concepts co, let me explain:

  • Quite simple to carry out. You only have to buy the trucks with the motor hub, the ESC and the cells. You also have to buy th1.jpge wood, wires and a couple of connectors, but this is minor stuff.  So, with this 3 main things and you only have to make a proper, and more detailed below in this post, chassis. You don’t have to do a complicated connection, or big electric diagrams, is almost as simple as put batteries into your TV control remote.

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The base of design


Having a good bases of design should be is the starting point of any project. It is the basis of the piramyd of a good product.

First: Diferencial aspect.15109

The main idea is the first block of the base, and the most important is the question: What is the differential value in my design? We usually design because we have some necesity for cover, not for copy products, anyone can copy product better or cheaper than you, you, as a good designer has to add a new value, something that makes your design different of the resto of designs.

Then: You must know clearly the differential value of your design.

Second: information and more information.

After this, the other important block of the pyramid is information. You have to give yourself tons of information. This is not a minor point because: Starting to design without enough information is a typical mistake.

Honestly, everyone prefers to design more than read, we love the action and we hate reading, it is more boring than designing, but the lack of information will be paid with time and money.

A bad design caused by the lack of information will cause many errors in the manufacturing process, which causes the waste of time, and possibily, the necesity of return to buy materials


A good product, is the result of a good design, and a good design is the result of a good idea well developed.

Néstor Garcíageko