Easy-KERS for Long Board-s

Hello everybody,

This is my last idea, a simple recuperation energy system, adaptable for almost all longboards, let me show it to you.

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The idea is simple, when you are surfing with your longboard and you want brake, or maybe if are running down a slope and you want brake, or whenever you want reduce the longboard speed, you can use this system Easy-KERS for keep the energy, and recover it when you need it.

What is KERS?

KERS means Kinetic Energy Recovery System, it’s a mechanism for reduce the speed of a vehicle and storing a part of this kinetic energy.
Some KERS transform this kinetic energy in electeical energy, and others KERS keeps the kinetic energy in a flywheels.
In our case, we use a flywheels for store this energy.
How works Easy-KERS?

Easy-Kers has two parts, one of them, is the Pedal set, and the other one, is the flywheel part. These two parts are joined by a elastic belt.


Part 1 – Braking

When you are riding fast, and you want stop, you push the pedal, Then, Two cilinders of rubber get in contact with Continue reading